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Telephony - VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Why Voice-over-IP?

You may have heard the hype, but what exactly are the benefits of VoIP to you as an Enterprise or Small Business manager? First, VoIP provides high-quality and versatile voice communications, and most VoIP users experience immediate savings on their phone bills. VoIP allows you to consolidate your telephone and data service onto a single platform. Our hosted solutions are reliable and redundant, achieving over 99.9% uptimes. Integrate your offices, branches, call centers, road warriors, or home-based employees (anywhere in the world) into one seamless, secure network. IP has spawned a multitude of productivity-enhancing voice features and services, resulting in increases in employee efficiency. Management gets easier too: setting up new employees or managing moves/adds/changes can be done with a few clicks of a button or if you are using Equinox managed services, you may opt for an e-mail or phone call.

As a business manager you undoubtedly understand the importance of maximizing productivity and flexibility, while minimizing costs. Whether employees are in the office, working remotely, or out of town meeting with a client, they need to stay connected at all times. Easy, all-in-one access to case files, e-mails, voicemails, and other work documents is a must. VoIP, Unified messaging and other hosted data services allow for portability and integration of your voice and data making it available whenever and wherever you need it. Equinox keeps you competitive with up to date technology in an ever-changing business environment. Contact us today!

eVoice Solutions for Business

Equinox Corporation’s eVoice features a full suite of business VoIP and other IP applications to help growing companies with their business communications needs. Whether a business customer’s priority is to realize the economic advantages or the productivity advantages, both are available through enhanced IP Communications services; Equinox has the solution. Our products and services include: 

eVoice Hosted IP PBX Services™-- A feature-rich set of hosted IP PBX services that delivers VoIP cost and productivity benefits including a bundle of unified communications features without the risk of obsolescence and heavy investment in capital equipment.

eVoice IP Trunking ™-- A versatile and cost-effective PBX integration/trunk replacement service that delivers the benefits of VoIP while retaining existing traditional or IP PBX/Key systems and internet connections for both voice and data.

eVoice & BroadWorks ™-- BroadWorks VoIP applications provide a cohesive set of communications features aimed at specific market needs. Included are media based features such as voicemail, auto attendant, and personal calling features like, selective call forwarding , simultaneous ring, click-to-dial, just to name a few. Also included are simplified tools for the remote management of your telephony platform. A new one-touch cellular transfer feature launches soon, check it out on this BroadWorks features video.

eVoice Record™-- SmartRecord IP is a hosted voice over IP call recording application. Its white-labeled and multitenant architecture offers geographic redundancy and infinite scalability, the solution offers network operators the ability to offer call recording directly from the switch, rather than as an afterthought. SmartRecord IP also makes all recordings available on the Internet through the use of a user-friendly point-and-click Web interface.  eVoice SmartRecord IP Training Demo

eVoice Unified Messaging -- One device to manage all of their communications needs.  Unified Communications smoothes information flows, enables employees to more easily collaborate with each other and be more productive, and is a big step towards ensuring that no message, no matter how it enters your company, gets lost or overlooked.

eVoice IP Fax -- A cost-effective unified communications service that allows users to view inbound facsimile transmissions conveniently and privately via email.

eVoice Office in a Box™-- The Sutus BC200 is an all-in-one appliance that can handle all your businesses IT needs while reducing  your monthly reoccurring telephone line costs by up to 50%.

Business Continuity -- An integral part of every eVoice solution is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery at no additional cost. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ensures Operations and Telecommunications services are maintained during any outage from a simple power failure due to disastrous incidents such as catastrophic building failures, natural disasters, or network disruptions.