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ClearVision is an Equinox Corporation trademarked process designed specifically for the Small to Medium sized business (SMB), to evaluate growth strategies, assess the utilization of assets and ensure focus on  business long term goals by applying discipline to the short term goals.

Today, there are several disciplines dedicated to identifying and executing on a business managers vision. Business Process Improvement (BPI), Six Sigma, and for information technology there is Enterprise Architecture (EA). While typically very effective, these can be cost prohibitive for the small business.

The Equinox ClearVision process is designed for the small business.  Capitalizing on our years of experience and broad business knowledge, we work with the business owner to refine the vision and help produce an actionable plan. 

When you started your business, you had a vision. As you have struggled to make your business grow and become a success, you have had to concentrate on the barrage of day-to-day details. It is the old “forrest and trees” adage.

We are acutely aware that our Managed Services offerings can deliver high value to our customers. But like any tool, if they are not employed properly, they become a waste of your money and time.  Sales Force Automation is a great example. It alone (through Microsoft CRM) can deliver a huge return on investment - again, if it is employed properly and expectations are set properly.  That is what ClearVision does - it helps you plan how to get that huge return on your investment.

Call us and we will be happy to discuss the costs and benefits of an Equinox ClearVision engagement.

Below, we have added some examples oh how vision can change your business. We found these interesting and hope that you do too.

Examples of Vision:

S & P

    • In the 1920’s there were 90 companies
    • Today there are 500
    • Of the original 90, there are two “survivors”
    • GE
      • Originally, primary business was light bulbs
      • Today primary business is Information Technology
    • Corning
      • Originally, primary business was Corning Ware
      • Today primary business is Fiber Optics
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
    • Oldest English language encyclopedia
    • Published 15 editions over 225 years
    • Sales grew 8.1% per year in the 1980’s
    • Record sales in 1989: $627 million
    • Profitable in 19 of previous 20 years
    • Translated into many foreign languages
    • Heavily invested in specific business model
  • THEN
    • Emergence of CD-ROM Encyclopedia (Encarta)
    • CD-ROM added graphics, sound, video and searchability
    • Cheap to manufacture, store and added portability
    • Losses of $4.6 million in 1992 and $15 million in 1993
    • In four years, sales dropped 53%
    • No money to develop new technologies to compete
    • In 2002, Britannica introduced Britannica On-Line and several other innovations
    • Britannica’s basic mission has not changed. It’s the same as it was in 1768: to be the worldwide leader in reference, education, and learning. Source: Corporate Britannica web site
    • It was a new vision that has returned them to prominence

Simplify - No mandatory long term commitments.  Simplify your business – make business decisions, not technology decisions. Concentrate on your core business. Access your data from anywhere there is a browser connected to the Internet.

Control Cost - Easily forecast, expand or contract your costs as business dictates. Get what you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it. Want to add an employee? You know exactly how much that will cost.

Reduce Risk - Secure your business with disaster recovery, managed services and professionally managed backups.  Spam and Virus protection is provided and automatically kept up-to-date.

Compete Effectively - Acquire Best Of Breed, Award Winning, tools and applications generally reserved for those with deep pockets and lots of resources. The Equinox unique business model allows us to deliver these applications at a price you can afford. Coupled with training and application consulting, you come up to speed quickly and can now compete head on with the large companies.