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Cloud Computing

Equinox offers various forms of cloud computing. Cloud or hosted computing offers many advantages like convenience, portability, security, uptime, compliance and lower costs to name a few.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

MS Exchange (email) and MS CRM are examples of hosted enterprise applications Equinox offers in this environment, but there are many more. This type of cloud computing delivers applications across Internet through a browser or other client software using a multitenant architecture. For the user this means no upfront investment in servers or software licensing. Long term, there is no real estate lost to housing servers or worries about how to secure them, there are no maintenance or support fees for hardware and no cost for the electricity to run them. Cloud based servers are redundant with fail over protection providing over 99.9% uptime. Overall costs are low compared to conventional computing.

Platform as a Service

Another SaaS variation, this form of cloud computing delivers development environments as a service. You build or use your own applications that run on cloud based (hosted) servers and are delivered to your users via the Internet. Again you gain all of the advantages listed above but are able access your own applications anywhere, any time from a secured/encrypted environment. The technologies offered by Equinox can make a virtual desktop available to you. This means your applications need not be browser based, giving you the ability to run almost any application you care to use accross the Internet. Some users have employed the virtual desktop to run their office applications on their iphones!


The cloud based environments used by Equinox are compliant with state and federal regulations. Data is encrypted and mirrored on secured redundant servers and backed up. These platforms are used by doctors, lawyers, retailers, financial institutions and other professionals that are subject to government regulation and compliance.


Simplify - No mandatory long term commitments.  Simplify your business – make business decisions, not technology decisions. Concentrate on your core business. Access your data from anywhere there is a browser connected to the Internet.

Control Cost - Easily forecast, expand or contract your costs as business dictates. Get what you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it. Want to add an employee? You know exactly how much that will cost.

Reduce Risk - Secure your business with disaster recovery, managed services and professionally managed backups.  Spam and Virus protection is provided and automatically kept up-to-date.

Compete Effectively - Acquire Best Of Breed, Award Winning, tools and applications generally reserved for those with deep pockets and lots of resources. The Equinox unique business model allows us to deliver these applications at a price you can afford. Coupled with training and application consulting, you come up to speed quickly and can now compete head on with the large companies.