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Product Solutions

Equinox Corporation works with world class suppliers to provide a complete solution to our customers.  We act as your IT Department (only much more cost affective) and have molded our offerings into one complete solution.  You pick and pay for what you need, when you need it.

VoIP - Voice over IP Internet Telephony

Provided through CommPartners’ Direct, who is a nationwide IP-based network operator and powers Equinox Voice (eVoice™), Equinox’s VoIP and enhanced IP applications. CommPartners architected from the ground up and manages its robust, state-of-the-art network to provide business-grade, IP-based voice and other value-added services. With CLEC certifications in 49 states and certifications in the remaining state expected during the next several weeks, CommPartners delivers reliable, high-quality, and competitively priced carrier and hosted IP services. CommPartners’ hosted services currently include hosted IP PBX, hosted Contact Center, IPDirect dedicated access, and a variety of other IP-based solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Equinox provides disaster recovery using several methods (as you would expect).  Depending upon your specific circumstances, Equinox will design a process for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Sales, Marketing and Support Automation

Drive sales and track support incidents using Dynamics CRM 4.0, the latest CRM product from Microsoft. Are you curious to know what your pipeline looks like next quarter or next year? Microsoft Dynamics CRM product allows tremendous customization and, when combined with other Chinook services, is available using a single sign-on.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

More and more, customers demand robust collaboration and document management capabilities. Using one of more than 50 templates provided by Chinook, your customers are sure to find a solution that works well for them. Add in custom web parts such as workspaces and dashboards, navigation tools, lists, alerts, shared calendar, contact lists, and discussion boards, to increase the value to your customers. Permissions are easily added through a shared Active Directory structure, streamlining group creation and administration. Chinook Hosting offers unlimited SharePoint sub-sites, unlimited users, and single sign-on when combined with other Chinook products.

Microsoft Exchange

Email on demand. No infrastructures to plan, buy, or maintain. You get the benefit of the world’s most widely used Email messaging and calendaring application anytime, anywhere, on a pay-as-they-go basis. Antivirus, antispam, and continuous backups are standard features with every plan, from the most basic web access only plan to a robust unified messaging plan. Adding mobile solutions, including Blackberry and Windows Mobile, is as simple as turning them on for one person, a team, or the whole office.

Infrastructure Management

Like it or not – you have desktops, laptops and a network. Most likely, your business is not centered around the care and feeding of these machines. The time you spend on maintaining your IT infrastructure is time NOT spent on your core business. This service is geared to reduce or eliminate computer problems, maximize network speed, performance and stability, and provide remote phone or on-site support as needed (just like having your own IT department).

Office in a Box - Sutus Business Central

The Sutus Business Center is an office in a box designed for small business. Sutus Business Central is an award winning product and a complete and easy-to-use office communications solution that includes everything you need to keep your IT and communication costs under control, stay connected wherever you are, work collaboratively with others and have access to the same tools as large companies.